President Mr. Hamptons

Matthew Hamptons is the 2nd and current President of the Royal Republic of Ipainia. Born in Báhía, Ipainia, Hamptons is a graduate of the Royal University of Ipainia where he got his micronational international relations degree.

He received national attention during his campaign with his victory in the internal elections of the Democratic Party. He defeated Republican nominee Miranda Rhodes in the general elections, and was inaugurated as president on July 05, 2015.


President's Seal.png
Seal of the President of the Royal Republic of Ipainia

2nd President of the Royal Republic of Ipainia

– Assumed Office: July 05, 2015
– Vicepresident: Eybe Standford
– Preceded by: Amlid Flesuor

– Born: Matthew Hamptons in Báhía, Ipainia
– Nationality: Ipainian
– Political Party: Democratic
– Residence: Presidential Palace
– Alma mater: Royal University of Ipainia